Here is a hat I knitted for a friend that ended up being too small, it fit her daughter though so I’m going to knit another one and they will have matching hats!


I am so Happy my Scarf Project is Done!!!!!

Wow, lets see it took me about 3 months to finish this scarf! I probably would have been done sooner but Michaels had been out of the yarn for about a month and I was able to find some a couple weeks ago so I could finish 🙂 . I thought I was going to feltit since it is wool but decided not to because I would have had to make it twice as long to account for shrinkage.  Anyway, I am glad it is done now I can work on finishing my blanket , studying,and gardening.

Modeling my finished scarf.

Modeling my finished scarf.

A Promise is a Promise

A couple weeks ago I had promised to post pictures of my knitting project. I had hoped to be almost done with it by this week however I have had a busy schedule lately. Most of the time I only knit when the boys are in bed or when Dave is home and can keep them at bay from pulling my project apart. So this last weekend I didn’t get much done since I had a couple things to attend.

First on Saturday I went to my first BOLD Red Tent Event, it is basically women getting together and telling their birth stories. It was a lot of fun and so cool to hear others stories, from hospital to homebirth to unattended, one woman was in the process of building a home from “scrap” and was living in a tent on their farm. She put up a teapea as her “nest” and birthed there in a birth pool. I loved hearing the diversity of stories! You can learn more about the BOLD Red Tent here.
Yesterday we went to a Pet Chicken meetup and learned about hatching your own chicks and keeping them in a brooder until they are ready to live outside. It was really interesting, I don’t think we will be hatching our own chicks but we will be getting day old chicks that will need a brooder so that was very useful information for us.  So for now things are pretty relaxed around here until next month. Then we will be getting ready for spring by starting some veggies and herbs indoors and of course there will be more meetups to go to. I am really trying to get envolved in any midwifery, doula, and birth stuff so that I can and get going with my plans to be a midwife. You can keep up on that endeavor here.