Its been a looooong time…..

A lot has happened since my last post but I’m not going to go into all that right now and maybe not for a few more months. In the mean time you can enjoy some pictures of the newest little Sullivan. Temple Jade:


Interesting Place To Nap

The other day I went upstairs to wake the boys up from their nap and found Leland sleeping in the closet. Apparently Caleb kicked him off the bed and decided the closet was a better place for Leland to sleep.


We have been getting our organic produce delivered to us for Natures Garden, it is some seriously yummy stuff!


Here is a hat I knitted for a friend that ended up being too small, it fit her daughter though so I’m going to knit another one and they will have matching hats!

January 2010 Snow…not really a whole lot

Georgian’s are so funny, they get pretty freaked out over a little bit of snow. One inch of snow and schools get canceled, people don’t know how to drive in it so there are major accidents, and a big hoop la about nothing really special. It was fun to play in though and taking pictures of, plus its a good reason to stay inside and indulge in some hot chocolate (which I have none of becasue the boys and I drank the last of it a couple days ago, shucks!).


A couple weeks before Christmas we added a new member to the family. He is silly, likes to chew things up (the boys new motivation to keep their toys picked up), energetic, LOVES the water, and a good boy. I am pretty sure he is a lab mix, he was at the Paulding County animal shelter and we were told he was a stray. When we brought him home he had no idea how to go up and down stairs, so he had to learn that pretty quick and he had kennel cough which went away on its own after about two weeks. The day we got him and were driving away from the shelter we started discussing names. After shooting down a bunch of names (none of which I can remember anymore) Dave mentioned how he looked like Bolt, and Caleb insisted that should be this dogs name. So here he is for your viewing pleasure, the super dog, super hero: BOLT…..

Hair cuts

I am too cheap to go out and get the boys hair cut, so I wait until it is so long I just can’t stand it anymore and do my best  not to destroy their hair. Caleb’s is pretty easy if he will sit still….. which he doesn’t. Leland’s is a bit more challenging because I MUST preserve the curls!!!!!!! So I don’t really cut much off, just enough to get it our of his eyes and a little trim in the back and around the ears.

Christmas 2009

Leland’s Birthday

We took the boys to the zoo for Leland’s Birthday and they had a blast!

The messes they make

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